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We built our first fitness product in 1983, with the simple goal of giving our customers the highest quality equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals. It is that same simple purpose which continues today in designing and developing every piece of equipment that bears the Spirit Fitness name. We make sure that each new equipment design meets the same demanding standards that have crafted the Spirit Fitness brand. 

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  1. XBR95 Recumbent Bike

    XBR95 Recumbent Bike

    Durable, comfortable, and smooth are all qualities of the Spirit Fitness XBR95 semi-recumbent bike. Easy adjustments, a bright LCD screen, an adjustable cooling fan, and mesh seatback are standard design elements. The XBR95 also features innovative programs, a 30 lb. flywheel, 40 levels of resistance, and a generator powered console are standard design elements.
  2. SPIRIT CR900ENT Recumbent Bike

    SPIRIT CR900ENT Recumbent Bike

    The CR900ENT Semi-Recumbent Bike features the innovative entertainment console so your users can watch, browse, and listen to any media they choose.


    Spirit CRS800S Recumbent Stepper With Swivel Seat The CRS800S Recumbent Stepper makes total-body exercise accessible for a wide variety of users. Regardless of age or physical ability, the CRS800S offers a variety of features that take the effort out of getting on and working out. The step-through design and swiveling seat assembly allow easier machine entry/exit. Self-adjusting linear step range not only accommodates users of various heights, but also limitations in range of motion. Adjustable arms, hight-density foam seats and cushioned foot pedals create a comfortable movement pattern.
  4. CR900 Recumbent Bike

    CR900 Recumbent Bike

    Built to last, the CR900 Semi-Recumbent Bike takes workout ease and comfort to a new level.
  5. CR800 Recumbent Bike

    CR800 Recumbent Bike

    Durable, comfortable, and smooth are all qualities of the Spirit Fitness CR800 semi-recumbent fitness bike. Easy adjustments, bright LED screens, a turbo cooling fan, high density foam seat and backrest, challenging programs, 40 levels of magnetic resistance, and a generator powered console.
  6. MS300 Semi-Recumbent Total Body Stepper

    MS300 Semi-Recumbent Total Body Stepper

    The MS300 facilitates full body exercise in coordinated, linear, natural 1:1 leg and arm motion. Self-adjustable stroke length accommodates patients specific range of motion capabilities, providing low impact movement for knees, ankles, and hips in a safe semi-recumbent position.
  7. MR100 Semi-Recumbent Lower Body Ergometer

    MR100 Semi-Recumbent Lower Body Ergometer

    The MR100’s recumbent design pays particular attention to hip and lower body joint mobility, allowing optimal rehabilitation at a relatively relaxed posture. Users may input desired knee flexion angles and the software will suggest the pedal and the seat’s fore/aft position. Variables such as body symmetry and limb length can be taken into account for clinicians to finely tailor to every patient’s needs.
  8. CR800ENT Semi-Recumbent Bike

    CR800ENT Semi-Recumbent Bike

    Durable, comfortable, and smooth are all qualities of the Spirit Fitness semi-recumbent bikes. The CR800ENT Semi-Recumbent Bike is the perfect bike for the commercial environment. Designed on the solid CR800 platform, the CR800ENT incorporates touchscreen technology on a large 10.1” entertainment display. TV, web browsing, and music streaming are all made possible within a user interface that is easy to use and adaptable to nearly any facility.
  9. CRS800 Stepper

    CRS800 Stepper

    The CRS800 Recumbent Stepper is the perfect solution for those wanting a low-impact, full-body workout, while performing a functional movement with minimal stress on lower body joints. The seated stepping motion utilizes a linked, linear motion enabling users to self-adjust the stroke length to accommodate their range-of motion capabilities. The smooth stepping action is complemented with oversized cushioned foot pedals, linked natural upper body motion with large cushioned multi-grip handles, and a step-through frame design for users with limited mobility.

9 Item(s)

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