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    The Dynamic Physio Ball uses a high strength anti-burst vinyl shell to ensure durability with regular use. Each ball is designed to support up to 500 lbs. of body weight. Available in 3 sizes to accommodate a wide variety of workouts, according to athlete’s height. Color: black.


    The Dynamic-branded version LaCrosse Balls are attractive, durable, and are ideal for practice, training, and working out muscle knots and trigger points after a hard workout. Featuring a soft yet durable rubberized ball with the Dynamic logo.
  3. Prism Terra Core

    Prism Terra Core

    It’s a Step, it’s a balance trainer, it’s a multifaceted Group-X machine. It’s the soul mate of resistance bands, it’s over 250 exercises (and counting). It is the shape of things to come. Getting in shape is just as much about staying engaged and excited as anything else. The Terra Core is virtual aerobic playground, building strength, balance, agility, like nothing you have ever used. It is designed to fit the body’s natural shape and provides you enough real estate to accommodate any modality you can dream of. Length: 46″ Height: 17″ Width: 10″ Weight: 26 lbs Weight capacity of 500lbs.
  4. Prism Ball Chair Frame

    Prism Ball Chair Frame

    Turn your exercise ball into an active chair – great for home offices. Adjustable legs for all body heights Lockable wheels Fits any stability ball (55cm is ideal) Ball sold separately
  5. Prism Classic Balance Board

    Prism Classic Balance Board

    Easily adds balance training into home and work life. Increases knee, ankle and cores strength during daily activities. Adjust between 14° and 17° with a twist Durable surface; fit for any footwear
  6. Prism Professional Balance Board

    Prism Professional Balance Board

    Enhance sports performance or decrease rehabilitation time after injury. Quickly adjusts to steeper angles for greater challenges Durable 3/4″ birch plywood Non-slip surface; fit for any footwear or bare feet Supports up to 500 lbs
  7. Prism Soft Board – Advanced

    Prism Soft Board – Advanced

    Advanced balance training with a sensation of a cushioned mat. Large surface area allows for a variety of foot, hand or seated positions. Recommended for experienced users and for high-level training. Non-skid material and non-marking base; safe on hardwood Single center leg that creates challenging 3D range of motion


    The Smart Stability Ball is self-guided for users at all fitness levels. Feature 13 exercises that are printed on the ball for easy reference.
  9. Reaction Ball

    Reaction Ball

    The ultimate tool for improving your reactions, our Reaction Ball features a non-uniform design to really keep you on your toes. Challenging – our reaction ball bounces unpredictably, challenging first step explosive ability, essential for developing speed and power. Durable – made out of hard-wearing rubber with four nodes for dynamic, unpredictable bounce. Versatile – perfect for improving hand/eye co-ordination, reaction time, depth perception and ability to track objects in motion.

9 Item(s)

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